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  • website

    Website is a business card to enter the market is the responsibility to have your own business on the internet.
                         More and more people do not leave the house to buy anything, this is done through the internet. Those who prefer to do it repeatedly checking the product on the Internet and accessible offer of the network.
                         When company got no offer, then it big disadvantage compare to other competitor.

    On the market at present the latest research estimated that is 2,000,000,000 web pages. Thus, very hard to break through in a crowded web space to it is you, your company would be watched by a potential customer.

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  • What am I doing? And, why me?

    Website made by me is an original and extraordinary way to show your business to the world.
    Without templates and copy only their own ideas and website written from scratch for the customer.
    All graphic identification performed by the graphics (logo, business card, website layout, flyer, banner, roll-up, car sticker, letterheads, etc..)
    make that will not be duplicated diagram template solutions.
    If you really want to enter the market to potential customers recognize your brand, your website must have something endearing something in that will stuck in the memory.
    Below mention the main advantages of a well-designed modern website.

  • New technologies

    Recent pages created on the basis of scripts loading content dynamically (history api - html5, ajax json, etc.).
    Standard page has many drawbacks, and the biggest for me is the long loading between subpages, static structure.
    Designing a website in the style of the latest trends 'behind the border', the best web designers in the world, the site is full of animation, interactive, working quickly.
    Is read one page and content to it, all done to match modern standards.

  • Website Optimization

    Website must be displayed properly in all major browsers.
    Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer (9,10,11), Safari and Maxthon have support for most of new technology.
    Internet Explorer 8 is the exception that is left behind, medieval browser less frequently receives support web developers. But foget about it Internet Explorer 11 came to major league of browsers.
    On mobile devices, the case is complicated by the variety of systems in their browsers.
    Windows Phone (Internet Explorer Mobile), Android - (Chrome, Opera, Classic, Opera mini, Firefox), iOS (Safari, Chrome) and several niche systems.
    As you can see must be designed perfectly to work fine on every environment.

  • Responsive styles

    It is these above described mobile devices make so many problems for a web developer-s.
    Many variables causes the page to be flexible and not only adapt to the system but also to the browser and a resolution on the display.
    The last variable that makes depending on various parameters of the display device side has to look perfect.

  • Social Networks

    Opportunities liking of pages on social networking sites is part of the integration that increase the possibility of hitting the greatest number of people.
    The second part of this integration is to create a channel, the entire layout appropriate to the entire corporate identity as well as styling for example cards on facebook fanpage and, applications, and so on.

    • Szymon Dziewoński WEB DESIGN
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

    SEO - Search Engine Optimization, ie. Positioning of pages in searches, eg. Google, Yahoo and other search engines.
    A large proportion of potential customers is acquired by the search engines as well as advertising on Facebook or campaigns in ad-words, so it is very important that the website is properly prepared for such. Positioning.
    There are a lot of agencies, companies that position page. But not all offer the fee for the effect in the results of Google searches.
    Do not be fooled and take advantage of companies that charge an adequate remuneration as such services.

  • Content update

    For some website owners is important to frequent management of the content on the page.
    If the customer is less demanding offering one update per month for free (without cms panel).
    For more demanding, administrative panel is created under the already existing page created especially for him.
    The newest trend is the use of Wordpress-a, template solutions for customers who want to edit the content on your website.
    Pleasant, extensive administration panel with the ability to plug-in installation such as a standard. Windows.
    Unfortunately, knowledge is needed to install, edit (not editable things in the panel) to prepare the same page for the client.
    Those who want to have a Wordpress but only edit content already on the finished side, well they came, the company Szymon Dziewoński WEB DESIGN will take a comprehensive service.