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  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Why there is no specific price given? Each project is different and can not be measured each the same criteria.
    One person wants more time-consuming animation the other wants a minimalist website (which are the most difficult), while others are less demanding. Price, therefore, varies.

    What is realization time? Everything in fact depends on the time of delivery of materials to complete the project.
    Of receipt of the required information is usually a time of about 10 days.

    What materials are needed to complete the project? All those that the client wishes to end up on the page.
    Our company is not able to come up with the content needed to complete the project.
    It is the customer knows his business and he should have at least the idea of​what he would like to put on the website.

    Methods of transfer of information between the customer and the company, due to lack of office? It was never a problem with those clients who have a need for explanations of their expectations meet in person in a public place (near Cracov). The most convenient exchange of information is by e-mail. The client sends exactly everything you need, all is written and then both sides can look up on those materials - what was and what wasn't sent. You can calmly analyze the content. You can also call to explain expectations.

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